So here we are, dear Visitor. Your search through the Royal Archives has brought you to this collection of Pepper's favorite expressions.

Many guests to our castle find these a little strange and confusing. I believe I understand most of them, though understanding Pepper herself might take a little longer.

I shall continue to add to this list over time, and my best interpretations of their meaning.

Plain as pea pudding
Pepper is describing someone or something who is nice but a bit boring.
Or a day where nothing goes wrong, but nothing interesting happens.

Wicked as a wasp
These are strong words for Pepper. She thinks wasps are wicked because they get in her jams and onto her fruit. And she has never yet found a single useful thing a wasp has done around the castle. Unlike bees which she loves unreservedly, mostly because Rake loves them for the work they do in his garden.

No coin like a kind word
Nothing is worth as much as kindness. Pepper believes this and tries very hard not to be cross with anyone.

Lovely as linen
Pepper loves linen. One of her favorite jobs is helping the Lady In Waiting make the Royal beds with fresh.

Two wrongs don't make a fool.
Don't judge people too quickly when they make mistakes. Pepper knows how many mistakes she made when she was learning to cook.

Top table!
Anything which is very good. The top table is where the King and Queen eat, so Pepper always puts the best food on the top table

Clean as a cauliflower
Nothing looks as clean and white as a fresh head of cauliflower peering out through its dark green leaves in Rake's garden