Here we are. The profiles of all my friends gathered together on one page in the archives. I am writing something for each one of them, but it will take me a while as some are proving more secretive than others.

We are a small group these days. The castle used to be a very busy place, but for now the Royal purse has more cobwebs than coins in it. And yet there are enough of us here to keep alive the traditions of castle.

The King likes to think of us as one big happy family. And we are. But there are three groups of people here.



There is the Royal Family who own the castle.






There are the knights who protect the Royal Family and guard the kingdom.





And then there are the castle staff who run the place and who do the hard work.



You can find out more about the castle and its history on other pages in these archives. Gathered here are profiles of everyone who works here at the moment.

Smithy only agreed to give his profile if I included one of his pig.