Jester 14 years old.

Full name: Jester.

Like a lot of young men in the middle ages, Jester was named after his profession.

First name: unknown.

In fact Jester does know his first name but he keeps it a secret.

Gunther thinks it must be embarrassing. In fact it's not - it's an interesting Roman name. Jester's family are travelling players, gypsies; originally from Italy. And one day Jester will reveal his true name to Jane.


Dragon calls him Floppy Hat and Jingle Boy.

Job description:

To entertain the Court with songs, jokes and riddles.
To write ballads which record the great deeds of the Kingdom.
To taste the food before the Royal family eat it.
To help the castle staff with their duties.

Jester's history:

The Jester arrived at the castle when he was seven years old. He was touring with his family of travelling players. The young boy was very clever; could dance, sing and play music - he could also read! He had outgrown his parent's ability to teach him so they asked the Court to take him into service. The King offered free tutoring and lodging for the position of Court Jester. Jester gets news about his family from other travellers and hopes that one day they will pass through the Kingdom again.


To see the world and write a magnificent ballad about his adventures.

Favourite food: Baked apples.

Pepper cuts out the apple core and fills the hole with raisons and honey.

Then she bakes it in the castle oven for an hour.

Favourite song:

'My tiny heart is broken.' A love ballad about a wilted lettuce that he wrote for Rake's last birthday.

Favourite pastime: Collecting rare documents.