Be patient with me dear guests. I am collecting material from everyone here at the castle to share with you on these pages. Until then I shall jot down a few facts about Jane and her life here with Dragon.

Fun facts about Jane, her friends and the medieval kingdom where they live.


  • Jane is twelve years old.
  • Jane was ten when she first met Dragon in his cave in the mountain.
  • Jane and Dragon are friends because of what happened when they first met. That story is told in the illuminated manuscript: Jane And The Dragon.
  • Jane wants to be a knight because is seems more exciting and adventurous that the job she was training for: to be a Lady In Waiting.
  • Jane has a suit of armor. You can see it near her bed in her tower room.


  • Dragon has not been able to find any other dragons, so he thinks he might be the last one left in the world.
  • Jane and Dragon don't yet understand why they are best friends. They just know that they are. But one day they will find out why. They will find out there is a special reason they need to be friends and help each other.
  • When they met Jane and Dragon made a promise to each other. She would help him to discover everything there is to know about dragons. And he would help her in her training to become a knight.
  • Dragon's favorite colour is red. But because Jane's hair is red and Dragon's skin is green, he pretends the best colour in the world is really green.


  • The kingdom is called Kippernium and the castle is called Kippernia Castle. All the townsfolk call it Kipper Castle because the main business of the village is catching and smoking herring - which are called kippers. The King doesn't like this nickname, so none of the castle staff ever use it.
  • The castle was built three hundred years ago.
  • Young women of the Court do wear make-up. A pale face is fashionable, it means you never worked out in the sun like the common folk. Chalk is the most popular face powder, it is cheap and safe to use. Jane's mother wears it rather a lot. Sticks of charcoal are used to paint black soot on the eyebrows. And hair is coloured red using a plant called henna. Jane has no time for make up of any kind and refuses to wear any.