Dragon's Profile, Page Two

Full name: Unknown
300 years (approximately!)

Dragon would like to know his name, or even find out if dragons have names.

Jane has a lot of pet names for him including: Lizard Lips, Big Newt and Froggy

Job Description:
Dragon doesn’t have a proper job. He’s not in the service of the King so no one can order him to do anything. Dragon chooses what he does, and mostly he chooses to hang out with Jane. But he does understand that Jane has duties, and he tries to help her out when he can by flying her on patrol or keeping watch with her.

Dragon's History:
Dragon was born in a cave about 300 years ago. He thinks it was the cave above the castle but he’s not completely sure. Dragon has had too many adventures in his life to record them all here, but he’s dictating his memoirs to Jane and she is doing her best to record them. These memoirs can be found in the Royal Archives in the castle library.

Favourite Food:
Cabbages and Bog Myrtle. He likes Bog Mytle for two reasons. It’s an insect repellent, so his breath can keep flies away…and Dragon hates flies. It’s also very pungent (smelly), and Dragon loves smelly foods like cabbages. The tavern also uses it instead of hops to flavour some of the beers they brew in the village. They get angry with Dragon; they have trouble gathering it in the local wetlands because Dragon eats most of it!

Dragon wants to find out what he calls “the truth about dragons.” By this he means the real truth, not the stories and gossip he hears. He wants to know what they were like and why such terrible stories are told about them. And above all, he wants to find out what happened to them and discover if there are any others left in the world.

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