Jane's Profile, Page One

Favourite food:

Jane loves all food. She is so busy and energetic that she burns up everything she eats and is always hungry. But she especially loves fruit, which Jane calls fast food because it's so quick to prepare. She can swoop Dragon low over a fruit tree, pluck a juicy ripe fruit and eat it on the fly.


To search the world with Dragon and discover if any other dragons still exist.

Favourite song:

'Warrior Queen, the ballad of Boadicea.'
Jane loves this ballad because it's the true tale of a woman warrior called Boadicea (or Buddicca)

Boadicea was the queen of the Iceni Celts, a small kingdom in eastern England. The country was being conquered by the armies of Rome, and for 2 years Queen Boadicea led a rebellion against them. She died leading her small army in one last battle against a large Roman legion.

Favourite pastimes:
Riding horses and Dragon.
Playing bandyball.
Beating her mother at card games.
Detective work - discovering the history of dragons.
Writing a journal.